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Top Chinese Restaurants In Chicago

Top Traditional Chinese restaurants in Chicago

Traditional Chinese food is among the most favorite and healthy meals that everyone is looking forward to having a wonderful taste. There are many top Chinese restaurants in Chicago, which you can visit and taste these traditional foods. If you prefer the different varieties of Chinese meals, you can visit the DA Mao Jia website to select the best restaurants in Chicago. Among the most common Chinese food that you can find is the Dim sum. Dim sum is found in all the top Chinese restaurants in Chicago. The dim sum consists of steamed dumplings and feelings which are served in a bowl. Here are some of the best traditional Chinese restaurants in Chicago that you can taste traditional Chinese food:

Fat Rice.

To have an added twist to traditional Chinese food, you must consider visiting a Fat rice restaurant. The restaurant offers its customers a range of different healthy meals that are tasty. For people who love traditional Chinese meat, this is the perfect place for you. They have meat, such as dumplings and duck meat. They also serve sofrito rice, which is supplemented with some Chinese pork sausage and hard-boiled eggs. The most exciting bit is that they have spicy Macau prawns and clams for the seafood lovers. For tea lovers, they offer impressive tea menus, which come with good desserts.


The restaurant is most known for its sweet meals or dishes and the rolling carts. It also has plenty of space for the customers as it has even upstairs rooms. It offers taste menus such as shrimp dumplings and orange beef. Traditional Chinese food, such as soup, is among the meals they offer. They have shark fin and jellyfish soup for the customers.

Silver seafood.

Some of the restaurant's trendy meals include sea bass, tilapias, fried rice, and crab. For a tastier experience, you can try taking the shark fin soup that they offer. Other new meals that you can try when you enter this Chicago meal joint are the Mongolian chicken, which will leave you desiring for more and licking your fingers.

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